Natural and Local Foods in Virginia

Rappahannock Real- Real Food from Real Farmers

The Rappahannock Natural Foods Cooperative (RNF Coop) is a small farmers’ coop formed with the idea of allowing customers in the Washington DC area to shop at one location for all their local and natural farm products from a reliable source . We stand behind our products as being locally produced and humanely and locally processed .  

You do not need to be a member to buy from us.  No membership fees, no minimum weekly purchase required.  You buy whatever whenever you want on this website and we will deliver it to your home.  As an introductory offer for April, May and June, we offer FREE DELIVERY straight from our farms to your home for every order above $50.

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  Natural Beef (Supplemental diet of grain)

  Grass-Fed Beef

  Pork   Pasture Raised Pork
  Lamb   Grass-Fed Lamb

  Natural Goat (supplemental diet of grain)

 Grass-Fed Goat

  Chicken   Pastured (truly) Free Range Chicken
  Turkey   Pastured (truly) Free Range Turkey (available seasonally)
  Eggs   Free Range Natural Eggs
  Produce   Available late May
   Other Products   Locally made: Jellie, Jams  and Chutney, Pies, Coffee.

The RNF Coop enables the customer to shop for beef, lamb, pork, goat, chicken, eggs, produce and fruit all in one convenient place ; either in our local farm store in Sperryville, Va or on the web. Through the Coop, you will buy from one of our member farms of your choice and your purchases will be delivered to you at your home or at a convenient drop off point on a weekly basis. To accomodate different tastes, we offer, for example, not only grass fed beef and lamb but also beef and lamb which had a supplemental feed of grain (but still roamed around freely in the pasture); not only certified organic but also plain natural. And it is all local .

Our members are mostly small farmers from Rappahannock County and surrounding counties. Their families have been farming the land for untold generations, sometimes going back as early as the 1700s. All raise their livestock in a humane, sustainable and natural way without the use of hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. They grow their produce and fruits without unnecessary and harmful pesticides. Cows roam around freely in green pastures, chickens scratch for grubs and seeds around the barn, pigs stroll outside or roll in the mud as they please, and lambs dart around in the clover. To ensure that our products are what we say they are, the Coop visits and inspects each of its members’ farms on a regular basis. We have one non-farming board member from the city who represents our customers and helps us to better understand our customers’ needs.

The RNF Coop allows farmers to do what they do best; produce a good quality piece of meat, vegetable or fruit in a natural and sustainable way. The Coop takes care of the marketing and distribution to local consumers. Selling through the Coop enables the farmer to earn a better income and keep farming.

Since the Coop was formed only recently, supply will initially be limited and is expected to be sold out quickly.  We are currently selling online and plan to open a farm store in Sperryville,VA  in fall of 2010. To ensure that we will be able to alert you of fresh supplies and new additions, we recommend that you send us an email at Sales@RNF.COOP with a general indication of your interest. Your information will not be shared with anybody else. We are looking forward to your patronage.

Our Products


Grass Fed Beef

We sell lean and healthy grass fed beef and also beef from cows which had a supplement of grain for 2 or 3 months, resulting in a more marbled meat.  All our beef is natural, free of growth hormones and unnesssary antobiotics.  All of cows have been pasture-raised locally on family farms, have been treated humanely, and never saw any industrial feedlots.




Our pork comes from pigs raised on pasture and in the forest all their life, year around.  They do not receive any food additives, hormones, steroids, or antibiotics as part of their feed.  They root all year around looking for berries, grubs and  mushrooms.  They are treated humanely, which means they have shelter, resting areas, plenty of space and the ability to engage in natural behaviors.


Grass Fed LambOrder your lamb now. If you never tried lamb, try our lamb.  Our lamb is known for its mild taste.  It is healthy and it is local. All of our members' lambs have been raised humanely on pasture on small family farms.  All of our lamb is local, natural and free of growth hormones and unnecessary antibiotics.  




Free Range EggsThere is nothing like an egg coming from a free range chicken raised on pasture.  You can see it already when you break the egg.  The eggs yolks are typically dark yellow, almost orange.  Nothing like those pale yellow nothing tasting eggs you buy at the store. 




Heirloom TomatoesLocal produce is seasonal.  Our produce members are gearing up for the new season and will be ready to supply you with their fresh produce late May.  We will be updating our produce availability list on a weekly basis. Stay tuned!






Free Range Local ChickenYou will love our chickens. This is chicken how chicken is supposed to taste. Flavor, structure, tasting like grandmother's chicken many years ago.  Nothing like that tasteless something you bought last time at the supermarket.








Free range TurkeyDisappointed in that turkey you had for Thanksgivings?  You haven't tried our free range all natural turkeys.   You will never buy a turkey in the store again, guaranteed.  Our turkeys are free of growth hormones, free of antibiotics and have strutted around our farms all their life.   


Goat MeatThe grass fed goat produced by our members comes from goats raised on pasture all their life, year around.  They do not receive any food additives, hormones, steroids, or antibiotics as part of their feed.  They only eat grass year around plus (at some farms) a supplement of hay if there is insufficient grass in winter.



Fresh Local ApplesThe best tasting fruit has always come from Rappahannock County.  Rappahannock County used to have many apple orchards supplying the apple juice plants in Winchester and the people from the city with the best apples.  



Other Products

We carry many other local farm products.  Local cheese, Local honey, local chutneys and jams, local cider, local apple butter, locally made pies and breads, sometimes morels (mushrooms), etc, etc.  Our offering vary from time to time, since suppliers are all small artisan producers and supply is usually seasonal.